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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Hill Country: Blue Hole in Wimberley, Texas

On one of the last saturdays of summer, we drove out to the hill country for an afternoon by the water.  There really isn't any other way to make it through a 100 degree day, besides being submerged in cool water.  We headed to Blue Hole Pool in Wimberley. It turned out we weren't the only ones with this idea - we were told at the gate to return in two hours.  So, we found lunch (unfortunately, not at someplace i'd recommend), hit the local thrift store (a 70s Marimekko-esque dress for me, and a game of Connect Four for the kid), and…

When in Rome...

I am happy to report that the Blue Hole was worth the wait.  It's truly a lovely place.

The spring-fed swimming hole itself is just as cold as you'd want it, and the magnificent bald cypress trees along the banks provide plenty of welcome shade and some pleasant dappled sunlight as well.  There are ropes for swinging; one for kids and one for adults.  The bottom is a little rocky - I'd recommend bringing some water shoes.

Beyond that - it's amazing what a bit of thoughtful design can do.  Blue Hole is really just a simple, if picturesque swimming hole.  But the beautifully designed entry, the winding limestone paths, the spacious and well-maintained lawn, and even the signage all make this place feel like somewhere you'd like to linger.  More lingering will have to wait - Blue Hole has closed for the season.  It opens again next summer.

Be sure to check out the rest of the property though - there is a nice little playground nestled up against a big beautiful meadow (currently being restored), as well as hiking paths and picnic spots.

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