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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Olive Us Shows Us How to Visit a French Bakery

Do you know DesignMom and her wonderful blog and video series?  DesignMom (aka Gabrielle Blair) and her family of eight live in the French countryside and her blog is filled daily with beautiful design ideas and inspiration.  I am especially a fan of her posts on what it is like to live in France.  And while it's not a travel blog per se, the family makes frequent jaunts to other European destinations (most recently Venice) - of course her readers get to follow along!

DesignMom, together with her family, has also created a charming video series called Olive Us, all about family life.  This particular one is my favorite - it's the most delightful (and mouth-watering) cross-cultural lesson ever:

I'm ready to pack my bags, aren't you?

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  1. So fun to read this, Sarah! We loved making this episode, and love that the cross-cultural lesson comes through yummy pastries. Thank you for sharing!