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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stay: Berlin Radisson Aquadom

Berlin is pretty high on my list of Places I Really Want to Go, for lots of reasons.  I just keep hearing about how cool it is and about the creative energy happening there.  Lots of artists, lots of ideas, lots of architecture, lots of all kinds of great stuff.  And then I saw this:

Now, I normally don’t fuss too much over hotels – I try to find something clean and affordable in a decent location.  Done.  But the Berlin Radisson is something else.  It’s… spectacular!  Or – is it a ridiculous waste of water and resources?  Perhaps both…  I do know my son would flip out over this.

According to Radisson, the 25 meter high Aquadom holds more than 1500 tropical fish and over 50 species.  The glass elevator at the center of the Aquadom carries 48 guest and one guide; the elevator deposits riders onto a viewing platform just beneath the roof of the hotel. 

I might also flip out.

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