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Friday, July 6, 2012

A Great City Map

This might be the perfect map for a kid - the "Crumpled Map" by Palomar.  The mind reels at the range and variety of damage that might conceivably be inflicted by a young child on an ordinary paper map. Banish those thoughts - this map would seem to be safe for even the most reckless and messy tot.  You can crumple it up and jam it into your pocket, and spend hours playing in a "water feature" or creek, and it won't disintegrate. Choose either the conventional map or the more colorful, simplified (and at this point, limited to five cities) edition for kids - the "Crumpled City Junior."

Of course, lots of kids might prefer the grown-up version, and vice-versa! Palomar offers a boxed set of any three or five maps for a discounted price. The graphic design is delightful with either version - have a look at their range of conventional maps:

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