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Monday, June 25, 2012

Low-tech Travel Toys

Portable DVD players and other electronic devices have their place - but sometimes something simple and decidedly low-tech will do the trick just as well, or better.  Here's a few easy toys that travel well and stimulate the imagination...

Pipe Cleaners!

I love these beautifully-colored, variously-sized pipe cleaners by Eeboo – so many possibilities!  They are a perfect way to “make stuff” on a long car trip (or a plane trip, although I haven’t tested these with security).  They don’t make a real mess, they’re easy to pick up, and easy to share. 

Auto Bingo!

I’ve noticed these Auto Bingo games popping up all over the place.  There are four themes: Traffic Safety, Interstate, and plain old Auto Bingo.  They may look old-fashioned, but they still work for car trips!  I found them locally for $2 a card, so look around where you live.  It’s nice to have several on hand.

Sticker Activity Book!

I like to keep a few sticker books around at all times, wherever we are.  My seven-year old still likes them, and of course they also work well for younger kids.  This Richard Scarry book is great because it has all kinds of sticker activities and games inside.  I also always bring a sketchpad, so O can make “sticker stories” in that too.

Eeboo Travel Games!

These compact little games are not for the car - but for an airport layover? Perfect! There are three varieties of matching games - I Never Forget a Face (featuring illustrations of children from around the world), Life on Earth (animals), and Bugs and Butterflies (yep - bugs, butterflies). I can imagine these little cards inspiring other sorts of imaginative play as well - at least enough to kill some time while you wait.

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