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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stay: Un Lit Au Pre

Good god, this is my dream – a rustic (but not too rustic) little cabin in the French countryside, with delicious food close at hand and bucolic views all around. 

La Ferme du Moncel

Un Lit au Pre offers accommodations at six small farms in central and northern France. The cabins – more like tent-cabin hybrids, really – are simple but so charming.  I love the cupboard beds for kids (there’s a larger bedroom for parents) and mismatched chairs.  I also love the absence of electronic anything!  For cooking, there is a wood-burning stove; each tent has a proper modern toilet.  Showers are a short distance from the cabin. Local foods can be purchased from the “Larder” found at each farm, to be prepared by you in your own cabin. 

Inviting, isn't it?

Extended time outdoors, the freedom to wander and explore - these things are so important for children (adults too!  Here on the farm, you get to hang out with the animals; special areas are set aside for children to engage with young animals (goats, rabbits, calves, and more)... You can also take a tour of the farm, and rent bicycles for touring the surrounding countryside.  Heaven!

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